November 16, 2018

The river flows from source to sea, a passing of time, a freedom of movement.

Yet even the river is not safe from ownership, boundaries and private exclusivities.

FLOW was a durational performance following the flow of the Cam and the different ways in which we travel along and next to it. Once a significant trade route, still crossing the city of Cambridge and connecting the communities along its path, FLOW takes the idea of the river as a moving entity.

The piece marked the river’s path through a line of performers along its route through the city, transcending the boundaries and barriers found along the river pathways. From foot to punt, to narrowboat to eco boat, to bike to swimmer, a token of the river was transferred from one end to another, carried by the tide of human hands as well as the water itself.

Watch the film of FLOW here




Family Workshops

November 16, 2018

The River Cam is home to the CHYPPS (Children and Young People’s Participation Service) narrowboat, a bright pillar box red vessel that is used as a base for the groups’ work with children and young people of all ages across the city. CHYPPS organises activities in local neighbourhoods in response to need both on land and on the river. Caroline joined the staff for some of their late summer workshops on the narrowboat and spent time with families talking about what the river means to them. Imaginative drawings were made in response to the questions ‘what is on the river’ and ‘what is in the river’.


CHYPPS Workshop Drawings


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